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Great App - but missing Apple Watch support

Please make this app to also work on Apple Watch. This would be so great and highly appreciated!

Perfect every time

Tried it with different egg sizes, different preferences - eggs are perfect every time. I missed the timing once by 10 seconds and eggs were not perfect. It is that precise. Love it but when I cook for others, I hide the phone to avoid looking too nerdy. Great app!

Mmmmm... eggggsss

Works perfectly! Its funny how something as simple as boiling eggs can be inconsistent each time, but this app takes all of the variables into consideration... and its simple to use. I love it.


I can only agree with the other reviewers. Until this app I hated boiled eggs because they were never perfect. They are now and I like boiled eggs.

Useless app

Dont waste your money and the eggs ruined by using this app. If you dont stand over your eggs and start the timer at the right time, eggs are too hard.

Very good ... needs a fix

Its a great app and works as described. Needs one fix though: when a call comes in, or you leave the app, the timer stops counting down, which defeats the whole purpose. With ios4 this can be fixed - please do so asap. Thanks!

Not Convinced Yet !!!!!

Nice looking app, need more info though, for example do you pinprick the eggs or not, does boiling water mean signs of boilage or full bubblage because when I timed at full boil I got almost hard eggs when they should have runny!! Plus the timer and alarm went off the entire time???? $1.99, nice looking app but still not sure

Multi-tasking screws it up.

This works fine if its all you are doing, but if you switch between other apps, it slows the clock down and it wont report the accurate time. Ive added an extra two minutes of cooking time onto it before I noticed what was happening. Shouldnt be hard to fix, so how about an update?

Great app

Very nice app, but the timer dose not run in the background if you answer the phone or change to another app. Could you please fix this with an update. Other than that is is so very accurate, Love it. Thanks Haydn

Needs better instructions....

It would have been nice to know the timer stops when you lock your screen... This should be put as a warning when you press start. Still waiting for my eggs to cool off but I assume they are probably ruined.

Nice app, well thought out, but could use refinement

Nice app, very practical, and cheaper than a sand timer at the grocery store. Well thought out, but like the previous reviewer said it will stop timing if you lock the screen.

Great idea but...

tried it but the eggs were hard boiled instead of soft if done as instructed. I think it might work to start the timer AND put the eggs in the water, both when the waters is boiling.

Very cool app

Worked just as expected. This solves my ongoing problem with cooking the perfect soft boiled egg.

love the scale feature....

my eggs were a little runny... but i was cooking several at once. maybe it needs a multiple egg setting in the next update. also, are the times for a covered boil or an uncovered one?

Great app-eggceeds my eggspectations

Have tried every store-bought egg timer and have been disappointed until I bought this little app-have made many batches of perfect eggs using this app-am very pleased and strongly recommend this app to boiled egg lovers.

Awesome App, I

I was really excited when I saw this app. My eggs tuned out just the way I like them! The egg-measure feature is wondeful! I found it easiest to lay the egg down NEXT to the iPod instead of on top of it though, it was easier to measure. I found the lack of instructions to be a little confusing, but heres how it works: -put eggs in pot -cover with COLD water, about an inch above the eggs -turn burner on high -when water hits a ROLLING BOIL, hit START on the iPod -when timer beeps, remove pot from heat -I removed the eggs from the pot and placed in ice water (it stops the eggs from ovecooking and prevents green yolks) PERFECT EGGS! :)


I boiled my eggs to the liquid timer, but they were hard boiled. Not impressed.

Great app Perfect indeed

This indeed is the perfect egg timer I always wanted to make soft yoke hard boiled eggs but i could never get it rite, with this app I finally can. Props to the developers I love this app its my favorite its a $1.99 well spent thank you. Im too lazy to write reviews so it takes me alot to log on to the the app store just to write a review this is how much i love this app and the bell peep sounds when your eggs are done love it even more, love it , love it, love it.

Useless without multitasking support

Would be great but without multitasking this app is not practical at all.

Nice graphics but big usability issues.

Update of my review: I purchased the app more than a year ago and used is a few times. The user interface looks nice but is unusable. There was no update fixing the tons of issues with the timer. I got another (free!) egg timer now. I am not using this app any more. On iOS 4.x the biggest problem is likely that the app does not run in the background. When your phone rings and the timer is gone. There is another problem when the timer was started. Dont press the Back button or it will reset the running timer. This happens to me twice when the timer was already started.

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